New: Introducting Low-Bandwidth VoIP with Forward Error Correction (FEC)

    Vobal is introducing VobalFEC: a VoIP service optimized for low-bandwidth Internet connections with high packet loss and jitter. The solution uniquely supports analog telephone adapters (ATAs) with FEC, which compensates for packet loss to ensure high quality calling. The total bandwidth utilized is approximately 16 kbps, including media and packet overhead in both directions combined. Standard VoIP for ATAs utilizes about 48 kbps total and will sound worse under packet loss. Click here for more information and a free trial.

Key Benefits of Vobal Technologies' Advanced Technology Include:

  • Providing high quality voice optimized for transmission via satellite connections with low-bandwidth, delay, and jitter
  • Ensuring high availability through a reliable network providing greater than 99.99% uptime over three years
  • Natively supporting all standard Firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) Routers typical on commercial ships
  • Automatically assigning a telephone number to subscriber's existing SIM.  There is no need to distribute or install new SIM cards
  • Reducing third-party costs since Vobal Technologies provides the services of a mobile operator
  • Securely tracking calling and SMS usage while providing a web-based portal for managing features and accounts
  • Delivering standard PBX features such as free calls and SMS between crew members while on board
  • Supplying a rapid deployment solution across a diverse fleet