Vobal Technologies leverages more than 10 years of expertise in VoIP services to deliver high quality, low-cost, and secure VoIP and GSM 2G Solutions. We implement a leading-edge VoIP/GSM architecture based upon our extensive experience in many of the world's most technically challenging operating environments.

Vobal Technologies' technology has enabled dozens of leading wireless carriers, broadband service providers, and satellite communications companies to offer powerful, differentiated VoIP enabled services while improving subscriber profitability.

Vobal Technologies' team has built a reputation as a global leader in the development and delivery of these low cost, high quality solutions. As of Q4 2020, Vobal's solutions have carried more than two million minutes of phone calls originated on L-band and VSAT satellite terminals at sea, including services for more than 50,000 mobile handsets and 150,000 refrigerated containers in international waters. Customers have installed more than 150 S3 BTS, CargoGSM™, and S2 VoIP servers on a range of vessels from small cruise ships to large container ships.