Vobal Technologies provides a unique communications service for shipping companies with internet access via satellite on their fleet.

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What Makes Our Technology Ideal For The Shipping Industry?
  • The pre-paid service crew members purchase has FlexPricing, allowing the vessel operator to select how bandwidth costs will be allocated. Whether on VSAT, VLA, or more expensive Pay-As-You-Go plans, there's an option
  • Allows crew to keep in touch with family and friends, improving morale and reducing costly employee turnover
  • Can support both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Significantly reduces the cost of shore-to-ship calling for the vessel operator and for crew families
  • Optimized Voice over IP (VoIP) back-end conserves bandwidth (see Technology), which means lower communications costs and higher capacity
  • Utilizes the ship's satellite internet connection, so no interruption of critical satellite voice services
  • Leverages Vobal Technologies' proven technology and more than 10 years of experience in VoIP
  • The optional S3 (GSM) System supports both incoming and outgoing calls and SMS
  • Utilizes the crew's existing GSM handsets (900MHz, 2G and 3G compatible) and SIMs, allowing for private calling and messaging without the need to distribute new SIM cards
  • Allows the crew to call or SMS each other while on-board